Is it easy to sell a car in Minnesota using RumbleOn?

So easy, in fact, RumbleOn handles all the nitty gritty. We’ll give you cash for your vehicle when you sell your car to us. Worried about fees? Don’t be! When you choose to do business online with us, not only do we eliminate the hassle, we eliminate the expense, too. Sell us any make or model of car, we provide free pick-up of the vehicle and fast payment. 

Sell my car in Minnesota

How do I sell my car fast to RumbleOn?

We’re fully transparent with customers who want to sell a car for cash. We don’t have any tricks or gimmicks hidden up our sleeves, and the steps are easy. To sell a car,

  1. First, upload photos of your car, and other necessary information, to RumbleOn’s website. If you’d like, you can use one of our free car-selling apps for iOS and Android to secure your cash offer.
  2. Next, a RumbleOn Specialist will send you a guaranteed free cash offer in 15 minutes or less based on your car’s live-market value. If you decide to accept your offer, RumbleOn will guide you through the remaining steps. We’ll even handle all the paperwork.
  3. Finally, GET PAID. You’ll receive your cash offer amount in full (less any lien payoff) once we’ve received and processed all the required forms.

I want to sell my car in Minnesota fast. Can RumbleOn help me do this?

Absolutely. It’s RumbleOn’s mission to help you sell a car using our 100% online process. We eliminate listing and advertising fees, effectively taking out all the headache of trying to sell your car online. You’ll even save money on shipping because RumbleOn won’t charge you for it! In most cases, we’ll pick up your old car and deliver your new one in a couple weeks time—how’s that for customer service?


If I use RumbleOn to sell my car for cash, when can I expect to get paid?

Payments are sent the same day we receive the required paperwork from you. Payment is fast and will be sent to you via FedEx or by direct deposit into the account you choose. Even if you still owe a balance on your car, we’ll pay it off and send you the difference. As long as it has a VIN, getting cash for your car will be fast and easy with RumbleOn!


I’m worried it isn’t safe to sell my car for cash to RumbleOn.

Unlike public listing sites, which can make you vulnerable to online scammers and other dishonest parties, RumbleOn guarantees a safe and secure method to sell a car for cash online. We value our customers and aim to be fully transparent with everyone who does business with us. Still not satisfied? Our business is fully accredited and publicly traded (RMBL) on the NASDAQ; we’re even featured on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. If you want more resources and tips to help sell a car, check out our Pit Stop auto blog.

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